Romy Frank’s Personal Philosophy on Healing

“I have always lived my life trying to find balance. I recognize that when I’m in balance, mind, body, and spirit, I’m healthy. When I’m healthy, I embody the essence of which I really am, my true nature.

I love to nurture and give from my heart. Sharing with others feeds my soul, and keeps me in touch with my values. To me love is important. Loving others, as well as loving myself. When I have a full heart, I feel healthy.

Rituals are important to me. I love soaking in a bath. It keeps me healthy, nourishes who I am, and helps me get in touch with my essential nature. It gives me permission to disappear from the world, to be rather than do, to feel rather than act.

I am taken by and have always been, drawn to water. My relationship with water has always had great memories. I love the instinctual pull it has on me. It always speaks to me with its magical tongue. The sound of the trickle. the gurgles, the whispers, always change my mood. it’s the one place I get to hear myself breathe.

Through breathing, I settle in and let go of all the mental chatter. It gives my mind a chance to rest. When I nourish myself in this way, it enables me to give and nurture others. Then I am happy.”