Hydrotherapy Spa Experience

aromy-therapy1$295 (including products provided; herbs, aloe, dry brush, aromatherapy, oils, cream, hair and face products)

Come relax and retreat while you learn and experience Hydrotherapy Spa treatments. These classes cover the history of Hydrotherapy & Spa throughout the ages. Learn different Spa recipes. Create your own blends using aromatherapy and natural botanicals and minerals. This fun and creative, hands on class appeals to a wide range of people. From the experienced spa / massage therapist looking for new techniques and new business ideas, to someone who just wants to learn easy, alternative applications for common ailments and a healthy lifestyle. A 20 hour workshop consisting of two separate days:

Day One:

Hyrdrotherapy classes teach you how to use different applications in a non-invasive, gentle and creative way. You will learn the history of Hydrotherapy & Spa, how to incorporate different applications in your life and in your work and how to use “dry” and “wet” setting for Spa treatments. You will also experience and perform “hands on” training using all natural and botanical ingredients, which help with common ailments and help to relax, uplift and heal your body, mind and spirit. Treatments include: hot and cold compress / towels

  • herbal compress
  • dry brushing
  • aloe wrap
  • hot scalp treatment
  • hair conditioning treatment
  • face treatment

Day Two:

Learn how to use natural and botanical ingredients which include different types of minerals, salts, muds, clays, herbs, and all that the earth provides. Spa is the main topic. You will experience and perform different scrubs and wraps using everything you learned in Hydrotherapy 1. You will gain knowledge of all product used as well as where to find wholesale and retail suppliers.Treatments include:

  • salt glow
  • body scrub
  • hand and foot treatments
  • mud wrap
  • scalp treatment
  • face treatment
  • dry brushing
  • aromatherapy massage



Hot Stone Therapy

$255 (Class Only) $280 (Class plus stone therapy kit with accessories)

Hot Stone Therapy is the use of smooth warm riverbed stones, combined with a variety of harmonious massage techniques that you will learn. The heat enhances the benefits of massage by warming muscles and joints, while relaxing the physical body to its deepest level. Hot Stone Therapy Class.


Two Day Class:

In this class you will learn to create a true earth connection and well being. You will learn a brief history of Stone Therapy used by many different countries and tribes. Stones have a magnetic effect when working on areas of soreness or pain. This ancient remedy takes tools from the earth to ground the body, mind and spirit. Certificate given upon completion of class.



Spa Kitchen


Spa Kitchen ClassThis class would appeal to a wide range of people from the experienced spa employee / massage technician looking for new recipes, techniques and variety, to someone that just wants to have fun home alone, with a friend or partner, or even for a new business venture in retail product.

One Day Class:

You will learn: You will be instructed how to put together and mix specific bath salts, scrubs, lotions, oils, dusting powders, blemish pens, sugar scrubs and more.

  • To use basic ingredients that are found right in your kitchen.
  • Where to purchase product including bottles, jars and other different exciting packaging ideas at low prices.
  • Excellent for giving gifts for all occasions.
  • How to make your own recipes with the same basic products that an expensive spa uses but for a fraction of the price.
  • How to use natural and botanical ingredients that the earth provides us for specific applications and ailments.
  • How to naturally exfoliate and nourish the skin, the body’s largest organ.

Class size: 12 people maximum Certificate given upon completion of class

Class includes: 51 page recipe workbook and take home products; salt scrub, sugar scrub, dusting powder, fizzing bath salt, milk bath, blemish pen, aromatherapy oil. Light snacks, coffee and tea will be provided.